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Benefits of Digital Signage

Digital signs help you consistently get your messages to your visitors. For restaurants maybe that's showing off your menu. For churches, perhaps keeping your congregation informed. For doctors, it may be educating your patients. Regardless of your message, digital signage can ensure its effectively and consistently communicated.

Educate Visitors

Efficiently inform your visitors of important information.

Promote Products

Let visitors know about products and services you offer.

Drive Online Reviews

We'll ask your customers to leave reviews, so you don't have to.

Increase Referrals

Ask for referrals while providing incentives and education.

Retain Customers

Show your customers or patients the importance of return visits.

Increase Followers

Promote social profiles at the time visitors are most likely to follow.

Improve Experience

Make wait times more pleasant with exciting and helpful content.

Entertain Visitors

Happy visitors tend to return. Make visits more enjoyable.

How We are Different

It's important to keep the messages on your digital signage fresh so it doesn't go ignored. However, continually creating new messages can be time consuming. Let us do the work for you.

Unlike other digital signage platforms, we help you with the content. Need to promote your social media profiles? Simply add our Social Media feed to your schedule, enter your profile urls and set the rotation you want.

You will automatically see dozens of different social media messages promoting your page. Want to ask your visitors to leave online reviews, add the reviews feed. Want to show curent weather, add the weather feed. We have dozens of feeds to choose from.

Of course you can still upload any HTML, image or video messages that you create.

Enter your social profiles once and display dozens of messages, encouraging visitors to follow.

Keep your visitors informed with continually updating weather forecasts.

Keep viewers engaged with your screen with trivia and other fun games.

Drive more business by encouraging visitors to leave online reviews.

Our industry specific feeds help increase average earnings per patient.

Have your own ideas? Our simple designer can make them a reality in minutes.

Setup is Easy. You Can be Online TODAY!

We use Amazon FireTV devices which are readily available. Unique to our platform is the ability to run to the store, buy one, and be online the same day.

1. Configure Your Screen

Create an account below and set up what messages you'd like to show on your screen.

2. Pick Up a Player

Our platform runs on Amazon FireTV sticks which can be purchased from Amazon, Target, or Best Buy. Simply run to the store and pick one up now, then plug it into your TV.

3. Download the App

Connect to your WiFi and search for Sign Presenter in the App Store. Log in and your messages will start showing immediately.

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It's Affordable

Only $10/month with a 30 day free trial. No commitment!

Our prices are the cheapest in the industry and our platform runs on some of the most affordable hardware available, Amazon FireTV Stick. At only $10/mo per screen you have the ability to create unlimited schedules and unlimited storage for custom messages. It also includes access to our most popular managed feeds like Weather, Social Media and News. There's no commitment and you can cancel any time.